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As Christians we are caretakers of all God has provided us.  The Stewardship Committee will maintain an organizational framework and develop means and methods for individuals to grow in faith with the capacity to care and serve generously.
The Stewardship Committee will:
  • Study and grow in its understanding of biblical stewardship so it can help congregation members see the relationship between stewardship and the Christian Life.
  • Make clear to members that the budget is a direct extension of the church mission.
  • Plan a year-round stewardship program to support the church mission.
  • Personalize service and give generous thanks so people can see and pray for what their gifts are doing.


January: Proposed Church Budget approved at Annual Meeting.  Congregational Constitution ratified at Annual Meeting.

February: Some committee members took part in continuing education seminar put on by the Synod regarding Financial Best Practices. This was one of the motivating factors in the formation of an Audit Committee at Trinity.  Organize Bible Camp fundraising (Lenten Suppers, Pie Auction) for campers.

March: Oversee Lenten Suppers.

April: Received $1000 endowment from the Elaine Berghefer Mission and Ministry Endowment Fund to aid 22 bible campers with summer camp tuition.

May: Continued discussion of financial best practices and began process of determining how to carry out regular financial audits.

June: Funding provided for Trinity youth to attend bible camp.  Once again, we were able to cover all camp costs for all youth who took part in fundraising activities.

July: Worked on Revising “Time and Talent” forms for Fall.

August: Organize Fall Stewardship Moments (skits, brief talks, etc.).

September: Begin “Stewardship Moments” during select Sunday worship services.  Distributed a letter to the congregation to remind all of our ongoing budget shortfall.

October: Assist in formation of Audit Committee.

November: Create 2019 Church Budget for approval at Annual Meeting in January.  Distribute Revised Time and Talent pledge forms.                                              

December: Collect Time and Talent pledge forms.