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Audit Committee


An audit committee was organized for the year of 2018.  This committee was comprised of three members of the congregation.  We met with Pastor Cole, Julie Anderson, Sandy Wallace, and Marty Domek.  All accounts for Trinity Lutheran Church were audited by the committee.  Due to having the review completed and sent to the church to be entered into the annual report, the committee, along with current church council president, Marty Domek, decided to audit annually thru the end of November.  We looked at verifying internal controls, review of account reconcilements, and comparisons.  We are happy to announce that no significant problems were discovered with the records of Trinity Lutheran during this review.  We also made the decision that these members of the audit committee would respectively each serve one, two, and three-year terms.  From this point on, each year a new audit committee member will be asked to serve for three years.