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Trinity Lutheran in Estherville will be hosting GriefShare, a grief support group with 13 weekly sessions, beginning on January 9, from 7-8:30 PM. Anyone grieving the loss of a spouse, child, parent, family member, or friend is welcome to attend. There is no cost and people can join at anytime.
More information is available at:
or by calling John Larson at (712) 209-1042.
Below are testimonials from past attendees:
"This is my third year with Grief Share.  After my son went to Heaven many years ago and my husband seven years ago God has lead me down the road to healing. I would not be where I am without the presence of God leading and directing me.  I came to a realization a couple of weeks ago. During one segment of an episode I realized I had mentally blocked out this segment. For locked it away these past seven years and could not allow myself to think about it. But the third time watching this part at Grief Share I listened and watched it through. The trauma that I buried inside of my mind released its hold on me. I was able to open up a segment of that time to those present. It's something I won't share with others.  Grief Share works through the past, (what we once had) present, ( where we are at this time) and the future ( the promise of a better time to come.)  It's the realization that while going through the storm, we hold our hands out to God. And though gusts of wind try to blow us away, we find that we are still standing and God still has ahold of our hand. The healing we hold inside is ours alone. On the outside we are solid. On the inside we are soft but well.  Grief Share, even after several years heals my inside just by being with others who know and feel like I do. We are new friends and family. So no matter how many years it's been, there's always communication and healing along with an Amen."
“At the Griefshare meetings, I learned to take steps toward healing since the loss of my 46 year old daughter to breast cancer, now 18 months ago. There are many hurting people in this world. The more I talk and share my feelings about my daughter passing, the better i feel. You don't just get over their death in a few months. Sometimes it can take years. I still have my moments. And that is ok I have learned. During our meetings, we share our ups and downs if we want, watch a video led by expert counselors and teachers who have lost loved ones also. We have a great workbook that you can write in and go back to review, that was donated by a local business. There is no charge for Griefshare! I have made some very special friends that I know I can call if I need them, and I plan on going back in January 2023 to keep healing.”
"Attending the Estherville GriefShare fall of 2022, four months after my husband of 23 years passed away, was a very healing experience for me. The group offered a very welcoming, compassionate, and safe atmosphere. The format of the meeting was well organized, and the videos and workbook were interesting and helpful in processing my grief. Becoming a widow is never something one plans on. This program gave me some structure to navigate this new, very different life. Everyone there has suffered the life-altering loss of a loved one so it is normal for some tears to be shed. We also enjoy some laughs and light-hearted moments which I found very healthy. I plan to attend, again, and highly recommend it to anyone who has suffered the loss of a loved one."
Children's Christmas Program Pictures
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Gratitude and Thankfulness
This month at youth group, we focused on feelings of gratitude and thankfulness.  We enjoyed playing “Thanksgiving- What Am I?” where we had post-its with items related to Thanksgiving on our forehead, and we had to ask questions and guess what we were.  After this game, we dove into Luke 17:11-19, the story where Jesus cleanses the 10 leapers.  We learned that only 1 of the 10 lepers thanked Jesus after being healed.  Our takeaway?  Whatever our life circumstances may be, whatever we have, whoever we are, there are always things that we can be thankful for.  We enjoyed decorating cupcakes and talking about our own Thanksgiving traditions as well!
Youth Group in December…we will only be meeting once this month--December 4th.  We will gather after church and will be done around 1:00pm.  Come prepared to unlock the mysteries of Jesus’ birth with a Nativity Escape Room!  This Nativity Escape Room will take us back in time where we will have to decode puzzles, answer questions, and break secret codes surrounding the events of Jesus’ birth.  We will wrap up with a time of pizza, games, and other fun Christmas activities.  You won’t want to miss out!
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